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Our rooms are all equipped with bath and showers, refrigertors, TV sets, and radios. We also have a pool in our garden. After hours, our patients and visitors can have a good time in our night club with dance music, coffe room, or salon. We also boast two diningrooms furnished in a style that offers great food in a pleasant atmosphere.
The Thermia Palace is linked with Balneotherapy Irma, which provides a full range of balneology services. In the summer, our patients can make use of several terraces. You can park free of charge right in front our hotel, or in the guarded parking lot approximately 500 metres away. Our staff of doctors and our nurses will supervise your diet. We have an extensive array of food to satisfy your palate, including vegetarian cuisine. Our medical staff is on call 24 hours a day to tend to your.
We are proud to present to you Balnea Esplanade, a four-star Health Spa Hotel and Balnea Palace, a three star Health Spa Hotel Together, these two form the alluring Balnea complex. Our modern Health Spa Hotels have almost 750 beds in single and double bed rooms, or in suites. In our rooms we offer bath and shower, balconies, telephones, satelite TV and radios to make yor stay that much more pleasurable.
Our staff of doctors and nurses will take care of supervising your diet. In our six well-furnished diningrooms, we will serve you an extensive and dazzling array of food to satisfy your palate, including vegetarian cuisine. From May to October, you can paddle around under the sun in our outdoor pool, where the water is constantly mantained at a temperature of 30 - 32 degrees Celsium. Frolic around in our indoor pool year round. After hours, you can relax in our two coffee-rooms and bars. The Balnea Esplanade and Balnea Palace Health Spa Hotels are joined by heated corridors with Balneotherapy. Our friendly staff speaks both English and German. Your can park right in front of our hotel, or in the quarded parking lot approximately 500 metres away. Our emergency medical service is privided 24 hours a day .
We are proud to say we have two modern, four-star Health Spa Hotels named Balnea Grand and Balnea Splendid. Both are located on Spa Island. Together, these complexes have an almost 500 bed capacity in single and doubleded rooms, or in suites of rooms. Our rooms include balconies, bath and shower, telephones, satellite TV and radio sets to make your stay more pleasurable. Balnea Grand and Balnea Splendid are nestled in a pleasant and quiet spa park. A team of experts supervised by our highly-profesional staff of doctors and nurses will tend to all of your culinary needs. We serve all kinds of food, including vegetarian either on demand or on the suggestion of our professional medical team. You can enjoy your meals in five stylishly furnished diningrooms that offer excellent service. From May to October, please feel free to make yourself at home in the soothing waters of our thermal pool. These warm waters are constantly mantained between 30-32 degrees Celsius. Or you can swim year-round in our new indoor pool. The Balnea Grand and Balnea Splendid Health Spa Hotels are joined by heated corridors with Balneotherapy. Spend your spare moments relaxing in Balnea Grand or Balnea Splendid coffeeroom. You can also have a good time either in the Balnea Grand night bar with dance music, or in our Slovak Room, where traditional folk cymbal music can be hard.
We at the Jalta Health Spa Hotel are located on the pedestrians zone rightin the centre of Pieš?any, a beautiful spa town in western Slowakia. We are proud to let you know that at Jalta, a three-star Spa Hotel, we can offer you a bath and shower, balcony, TV, telephone and radio in almost all of our rooms. We also boast two cozy diningrooms where our friendly staff will serve you all kinds of diet and vegetarian cuisine. Our team of doctors and nurses will take time to carefully supervise what you eat. In the summer time, we think you will appreciate the possibility to enjoy your drinks on the terrace right next to the hotel as well as on our rooftop patio. Our cofferoom on the top floor will give you the taste of our place. You can park in the guarded parking lot right next to the hotel. Our medical team is on call for you 24 hours a day, and our staff spaks both English and German. We have several smaller dependences under our administration. The Smaragd, Kriváň, Hron, Erna, Lívia, and Pavla Health Spa Hotels are all nestled in the city park, and they are all conveniently located close to the centre of Pieš?any. Dependence Smaragd, Šumava and Riviera offers you rooms with bath and WC, radio, and a TV set. You will not have to walk more than 300 metres to have a marvellous meal in Jalta, or Kursalon. A mere 400 metres more, you will be pleasantly surprised to find yourself at the Irma and Napoleon spas, where our staff is ready to assist you.
We at the Pro Patria Sanatorium specialize in treating those people who are partially or completely disabled. We are located on Spa Island, right next to the thermal springs. Some of rooms are without bath and showers and some of rooms have got bath and shower now. Our staff of doctors will take care of your appetite, and our nurses will supervise your dietery needs. Our sanatorium has wheel-chair accesible corridors, making us ideal for patients with neurological or locomotive disorders.
Two children wards, one for kids with locomotive disorders, and the other one, called °Green Tree°, designed for kids with neurological disorders, are part of our sanatorium. Children´s treatment is provided right in the Pro Patria building. Some procedures may take you to Napoleon´s spa, only 50 metres away.
The Arts Centre is a part of the Balnea complex on Spa Island. Heated corridors from Balnea Grand, Splendid, Balneotherapy, Balnea Esplanade, and Balnea Palace will get you there in total comfort. Our great hall can seat up to 450 visitors. You can shop to your heart´s content at one of many our fashionable stores, or simply visit the post office, beauty salon, cofferoom, cosmetic room, and a social room. You can find all of these shops right here in the Arts Centre.
Hotel MAGNÓLIA *** Piešťany
  • 120 rooms for 240 quests in single and double rooms. Rooms equipped with bath, Colour TV set, radio, balcony, phone
  • restaurant, snack bar, night bar, terrace, casino
  • conference and meeting rooms
  • parking place, taxi, laundry, exchange office
Hotel - SĹŇAVA ** Piešťany
  • 240 double / twin rooms with extra bed
  • 6 suites
  • Room equipment : shower, WC, radio, telephone, TV, SAT, balcony
  • restaurant, café, night club, FIT bar, terrace with barbecue, gathering facilities up to 500 persons
  • meeting rooms
  • 25 m indoor swimming pool, fitness center, sauna and massage
  • miniarture golf, billiard, table tennis
  • rent a bike
  • tennis available
  • exchange, souvenir shop, washing, cosmetics, hairdresser, manicure, pedicure, safe, children playground, parking

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